Cardio fit Syrup (225 ml)

MRP : 135.00

Benefits : Strengthens & tones cardiac vasculator ,guards against hypertension. Effectively controls blood pressure and improves cardiac function.
Pack size : 225 ml.

Each 10 ml. contains:
Arjuna Chhal.. 500mg
Draksha.. 500mg
Mahua Phool.. 250mg
Dhhaye ka Phool. 50mg
Sugarfree baseā€¦ Q.S.
Colour Used : Caramel
Preservatives Used:
Sodium Methyle Paraben 0.2 %
Sodium Propyle Paraben…. 0.02%
Ethelene Di Amine Tetra. 0.1 %
Acetic Acid Di Sodium (EDTA Dodium) Bronopol 0.02%
Sodium Benzoate. 0.2 %

Dosage : Adult : 10 ml. 2-3 times a day. Children : 10 ml. 2-3 times a day


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