Healthpro Protein powder (200 gm- box pack)

MRP : 160.00

Benefits : Health pro is an ideal drink for making hot an cold Chocolate flavour energy booster ; confidence Health pro is complete family energizer. Seasons and for all ages , to maintain good health and energy . it improve appetite it helps in restoring the balance of body and maintainining good health. It is good in taste with chocolate flavour and must for growing children to impart good energy and protect them from various diseases. The high energy formula for energy and stamina. Energizer relievers mental stress and gives strength to whole body.

Pack Size : 200 gm

HEALTH PRO – A Complete Family Protein Pack Net Wt. 200 GMS
Each 10 gram contains:
Swarna Makshik Bhasma 1500 mcg
Rajat Makshik Bhasma 2000 mcg
Withania somnifera(Asgandh) ext.(Root)..80 mg
Shatawari ext.(Root)(Asparagus racemosus)45 mg
Apple ext.(Fruit)(Pyrus Malus).. 100 mg
BeejBand ext.(Seed)(Sida cordifolia).100 mg
Aamla ext.(Fruit)(Phyllus emblica).. 120mg
Dalchini ext.(Bark)(Cinnamomum cassia)..5 mg
Orange ext.(Fruit)(Citrus reliculata) 100mg
Mulethi ext.(Root)(Glycerrhiza glabra). 180 mg
Vidarikand ext.(Root)(Ipomoca digitata)..135 mg
Varahikand ext.(Fruit)(Dioscorea bulbifera)..125 mg
Erand Karkati ext.(Root)(Carica papaya)..25 mg
Musli Kali ext.(Root)(Curculigo orchoides).126 mg
Carrot ext.(Fruit)(Daccus carrota). 100 mg
Guduchi(Satva)(Tinospora cordifolia). 145mg
Wheat germ (Oil) (Triticum sativum).. 25 mg
Grape seed ext.(Seed)(Vitis vinifera).100mg
Pind Khajur ext.(Fruit)(Phoenix dacty lifera).75 mg
Bidhara ext.(Seed)(Argyreia speciosa).. 100mg
Base powder. Q.S
Sodium Benzoate. 0.20 %
Sodium Methyle Paraben. 0.12 %
Sodium Propyle Paraben. 0.02 %

Dosage : Add 2 teaspoonfuls powder in milk or fresh fruit juice.


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