Orthojet capsules (60 caps)

MRP : 350.00

Benefits : Arthritic disorders & effectively relives joint pain and stiffness
Pack 60 Cap.



Each 500 mg capsule contains :
Ashwaganda-Withania somnifera 150 mg
Sonth-Zingiber officinale 100mg.
Sudh kuchla-Strychnos nuxnomica 10 mg
Suranjan-Colchicum luteum 50 mg
Shudh Guggul-Commiphora mukul 100 mg
Kesar-Crocus sativus 05 mg
Shilajit-Asphaltum 35 mg
Loh Bhasam-AFI 10 mg
Kalmegh-Ambrograthis Pariculata 40 mg
Preservatives used : Sodium Benzoate 0.1%

Useful In : Arthritic, disorders & effectively relives joint pain and stiffness.
Dosage : 1 to 2 capsules twice a day


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