Sukh Amrut Syrup ( 500 ml)

MRP : 280.00

Benefits : • A useful for digestive disorders, Peptic Ulcer, Loss of appetite (Anorexia), Hyperacidity and in effective in all types of dispepsia. • It continuous cold and fever, hyperacidity, ,control diet problem , physical and mental instability . • joints pain.
Pack 500 ml

Each 10 ml contains:
Bhringraj 300mg
Bhumiamla 300mg
Punarnava 300mg
Makoy 100mg
Chitrak 100mg
Biabidang 100mg
Ajwain 300mg
Rohitaki 300mg
Giloy 300mg
Kasni 100mg
Trikatu 100mg
Kutki 100mg
Kalmegh 100mg
Sugar 100mg

Dosage : Adult : 10 to 20 ml. thrice a day. Child : 1 to teaspoonful thrice a day


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