Suvarnaprash with gold drop (10 ml)

MRP : 347.00

Benefits : Improve Immunity System, Ideal Tonic for Children, Age of group 6 month to 20 years, improver Memory power, Helps in General weakness of body & nerves system.
Pack 10 ml.

Each 10 ML Contains:
Suvama Bhasma 0.001 mg
Extract derived from :
Brahmi Centalla Asiatica 300 mg
Amalki Embelica Officinale 150 mg
Vacha Acorus Coleumus 100 mg
Sankhpushpi Convolvulus Microphyllus 200 mg
Jatamani Nardostachys Jatamansi 050 mg
Ashwagandha Withania Somenifera 200 mg
Honey 5 mg
Flavour Aqueouus Base Q.S.
Mithyle Paraben 20 mg
Propyle Paraben 20mg
Sodium Benzoit 10 mg

Dosage : 6 Drops in Daily one time.


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