Prime ras (500 ml)

MRP : 280.00

Benefits : Control increase in Body Fat, Extra fat of stomach problem of breathing problem ,Anxiety ,stress the nerves, body pain controls the disorders of heart problem coronary blockage
Pack 500 ml.

Each 10 ml contains :
Terminalia Chebula 150 mg
Terminalia Bellirica 150 mg
Embelia Ribes 220mg
Aloe Barbadensis 350 mg
Emblica Officinalis 150 mg
Cuminum Cyminum 190 mg
Zingiber Officinale 250 mg
Cissampelos Paeira 180 mg
Cyperus Scariosus 250 mg
Acorus Calamus 220 mg
Coptis Teeta 135 mg
Andropgon Muricatus 125 mg

Dosage : 10-20m1. twice a day


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